The Nintendo Switch is here!

Which, if you haven’t heard, is a new video game console that works as both a TV adaptor and a tablet, easily switching from each, and from one player to many. This has gamers excited; it means a brand new platform for gaming and a new wave of game releases. Many game series, such as “The Legend of Zelda”, have fans that’ve grown up playing each release. That will pull some adult customers, but Nintendo is notoriously kid-friendly.

They know this, and because the game cartridges are small enough for kids to choke on, Nintendo simply added a horrible tasting, but non-toxic bittering agent. According to gaming site, Denatonium- Benzoate is the chemical behind the repellent. This is the same non-toxic deterrent used in animal repellent, shampoos, soaps and nail-biting prevention. Denatonium- Benzoate is supposedly the bitterest compound to exist, so lick with caution.

Happy Gaming.

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