You may have noticed that the weather has been far less oppressive over the last few days. Typically, this would be cause for celebration. Finally! Summer is getting back to actually being enjoyable instead of the miserable, humid, sweat-fest we’ve had the last few weeks.

But when this kind of weather rolls around during the end of August and start of September, people have a tendency to get a little carried away.

“Summer is over!” They might say. “Once Labor Day comes and goes, it’s basically fall already!”

Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. In case you have forgotten, fall does not officially begin until September 22, and I don’t want to hear anything about summer being “over” until September 21 at 11:58PM. And you know what? Connecticut State Police are on my side.

You see that people? Any wayward mentions of leaves changing colors or pumpkin spice lattes or Uggs with North Faces or anything else fall-y and you’re going straight to jail! And don’t even get us started on mentions of winter being right around the corner. If you so much as think the W word, you’ll get a month in solitary confinement!

Or something.

The truth is, that the Connecticut State Police are actually pretty funny sometimes and that their whole anti-fall and anti-winter schtick is a joke. But like any good joke, the sentiment behind it is very real. We’ve had some rough winters in the last five years, and we only get so many enjoyable months where the weather is just right. Let’s just do our best to enjoy it without getting ahead of ourselves with all this fall stuff.

(Via WMUR)

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