Stop the presses. Taylor Swift rereleased her entire music catalog back to Spotify and other streaming services on Friday, shaking off an almost three year boycott with the site.

According to a tweet from Swift’s management team, Taylor Nation, they said that: In celebration of 1989 selling 10 million albums worldwide and the RIAA’s 100 Million Song announcement, Taylor wants to thank her fans by making her entire music catalog available to all streaming services tonight at midnight.”

And, here I thought that they would never, never, get back together.
Swift removed her entire catalog from music streaming services in November 2014. She stated the reason was because she said that streaming services don’t pay their artists well. Later on, however, she decided to put her music back onto Apple Music.

Despite this, it didn’t affect the chart performance of 1989. The album sold over 6 million copies, and was the top-selling album of 2014.

While Swift has been silent on her social media accounts, other than a tweet about the Manchester bombings, and some Instagram tributes to friends, I have a couple speculations as to the real reason why the singer decided to make her catalog available for streaming use.

Swift rereleased her songs on Friday, June 9 — the same day that her nemesis Katy Perry released her new album Witness. Could this be a way for her to get some of the spotlight off of Perry and back onto Swift? Maybe.

My second theory is that it could have been done in preparation to hearing new music from the singer. It has been two and a half years since 1989. Swifties all over the world are anxiously awaiting for her sixth release, rumored to be in the Q4 of 2017.

Whatever the reason may be, however, all I know I’m happy that Taylor’s back on the site. Now, if you excuse me, I’ll be blasting Blank Space and singing awfully along to it.

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