As someone who suffers from debilitating migraines, I am all for this new study. Imagine a world where your day doesn’t come to a screeching halt because of a bad headache?

We all know the tell tale signs that a migraine’s about to hit: lights seem brighter, sounds get louder, the brain fog arrives, maybe one side of your head starts to ache, your stomach feels queasy… and sometimes, you get auras.  When those symptoms perfectly align like the stars, you know you’re in for a real bad time.

Whenever one hits me, I mentally check out because I’m unable to focus due to the pain. Mostly because I always seem to forget my medication at home.  They don’t come often enough to really jog my memory that I may actually need my Sumatriptan.  I know, I literally enable Murphy’s Law.

So, I tough it out if they ever happen at work.  I turn off whatever lights that I can and work in silence until the clock strikes “get the hell home” o’clock.

Anyways, my migraine cure is a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Sure, I have prescriptions to help dull the pain within 30 minutes, but ice cream brings immediate relief.  I heard that mint has magical healing properties.  And that it tastes delicious certainly helps.

But, I might not even have to reach for the scoop anymore thanks to a new study.

WTNH reports that there’s a clinical study trying to find a way to take down those pulsating and debilitating headaches.  For good.

Hartford HealthCare Headache Center came out with a device that can dial back the pain of migraines.  Remember those arm bands joggers would use to hold their phones on a run?  Hartford HealthCare developed a similar device for its patients.

Their neuro-stimulation device can be wrapped around either arm, too.  It’s also controlled by an app on your smartphone.  Basically, it delivers electric stimulation to help block the pain from taking hold.

Dr. Abigail Chua, of Hartford HealthCare explains how the device works:

“You would put it on either arm. The goal of this device is to block pain stimulus, that’s happening from your migraine, to potentially abort your migraine completely […] Essentially it’s blocking signals from the migraine so that you don’t actually feel your migraine pain. It only turns on for about 25 minutes so within that time you should either have complete elimination of your headache pain or a decrease in its severity.”

Dr. Chua tested the device on several patients and recorded seeing 64% of their patients prefer the device over a placebo.  Of those patients, 50% recorded a complete elimination of their migraines.

However, Hartford HealthCare still needs to refine the technology.  So, Dr. Chua hopes more patients step forward to help them perfect their device.

Ideally, they need people who suffer between two to eight migraines a month.  If that’s you, contact or call 860-696-2925.

You can also visit and click on the link ‘Research and Clinical Trials for more information.

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