If having 2 casinos in CT isn’t enough for you I have some bad news. The Eastern Pequots, the Golden Hill Paugussett Indians and the Schaghticoke Indians are all hoping the feds will ease the restrictions placed on those seeking tribal recognition. Currently, in order to gain recognition a tribe must have possessed property since no later than 1789. The proposed revision would move that to 1934. If the change goes through all three aforementioned tribes would qualify and could start the process of creating casinos.

The state’s congressional delegation, led by the perpetual buzzkill Sen. Richard Blumenthal, have sent a letter to Washington in an effort to keep the requirements for federal recognition from changing. Those opposed claim that the Bureau of Indian Affairs is unjustly pursuing these changes against historical precedence of law. Blumenthal said, “They will have a second bite at recognition and a playing field whose goal lines have been drastically moved. It’s the equivalent of saying: ‘We’ll just disregard a couple of centuries of history that was relevant before.’ It’s a 1984-type legal revisionism that has no foundation in law.”

I have no dog in this fight one way or the other but I always tend to lean away from folks desire to keep things the way they are because that’s they way they have been (as stated in his quote above). I certainly don’t need more casinos because I am terrible at gambling. What do you think? Is Richard being a stick-in-the-mud or is he right in this case?

Via Hartford Courant

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