For just under $2 mil, too?  That’s a STEAL.  But, why doesn’t anyone want to buy this creepy ghost town?  It’s absolutely mind boggling.

MSN tried to tackle one of Connecticut’s greatest mysteries.  Honestly, CT Boom’s been trying to solve this mystery for years.   We even started a pool to buy this ghost town for ourselves back in 2015!

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.  But, yet, we dream.

Anyways, with so many millionaires and billionaires running around, you’d think at least one of them would be interested in Johnsonville.    Unfortunately, no one wants anything to do with it.

But, why?  This place screams “Twin Peaks.”  And awesomeness.  Not to mention how beautiful the buildings are.   I mean, I’m an architectural geek and those former buildings look to be in salvageable shape.

What can I say, I’m a sucker for 200-year old buildings?  Because that’s completely true.  Established in 1802, Johnsonville used to be a mighty and booming mill city that once produced twine.

Sure, this 62-acre lot sat unloved for over 20 years, but it’s still good.  Ghosts and all.  I mean, once Halloween rolls around, you just open it up for ghost tours and, bam, instant money.

No, seriously, people claim the town’s founder, Emory Johnson, haunts his home to this day.  So, yes, you will be buying a defacto ghost town.  Both figuratively and literally.

Besides, this land sits on rolling green pastures, antique buildings, and comes with its very own (haunted) mansion.  Don’t forget the man-made waterfalls and dams.

Honestly, there’s so much potential here.  It can be your personal playground, a utopia for you and your friends… imagine.

Still, no one’s come forward with a solid offer, which is why the asking price dropped from $3.4 to $1.9 million.  So, now’s your chance to live your dreams.  Buy Johnsonville, declare yourself mayor, and run around a bunch of antique buildings for the rest of your carefree existence.

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