No, there is no silver lining.  Anywhere.  Actually, this should serve as an acute wake up call.  Because despite all that heavy marketing, Connecticut is nowhere close to being a summer destination.   True story.

Wallethub, AKA click-bait central that has an ax to grind with CT, is back again.  This time, however, they’re taking on our state roads and attractions.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have anything nice to say about us.  So, they really shouldn’t have said anything at all.

WFSB first broke the news of the disparaging report, which ranked our roads dead last in the nation.  To put it simply: our road trips and attractions leave much to be desired.

Well, according to the guys who wrote the report.

But, as it turns out, Connecticut is not the place you want to take a fun or frugal road trip this summer.  Or ever.  Because our roads are a mess, we’re too expensive, and we don’t have a lot going for us.

All paraphrased from Wallethub.  Not my own words.

Anyways, here’s WFSB’s breakdown:

“43rd – Number of Attractions

31st – Lowest Price of Three-Star Hotel

41st – Avg. Gas Prices

40th – Nightlife Options per Capita

23rd – Car Thefts per Capita

50th – Access to Scenic Byways

46th – Lowest Price of Camping”

Basically, we suck.  Also, Wallethub loves the West Coast a bit too much.  Because they absolutely dominated the list this year.

Oregon, Utah, and Washington all came in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively.  Actually, the northeast doesn’t make an appearance on the chart until #14, which is obviously Maine.  Because Maine has everything.

Out of the entire New England cluster, Maine always tends to snatch the accolades first.  Albeit for food, travel, or just being close to the Canadian border so some of the maple syrup scented charm bleeds over the dividing line.

Just sayin’.  Connecticut’s the redheaded stepchild of New England.

Heck, we’re starting to make Rhode Island look good.  Which, for your information, came in 49th place.   It’s saving grace was its “safety” rank, which came in third overall.

Meanwhile, Connecticut’s best showing was in “car thefts per capita.”  Which, is a serious problem.  Especially in Fairfield County.

Our high prices of camping and gas, along with our relatively few scenic byways, rendered us the least desireable summer destination of all.

Which means, while you’re swerving and weaving around all those out-of-state drivers this summer, know that they aren’t stopping here.  They’re just passing through to get to our more respectable neighbors:  New York (17) and Massachusetts (28.)

Anyways, what do you make of all this?  Does Wallehub have a point or are they just being biased?

Personally, the second they said CT had some of the least desirable scenic routes, I knew they were full of bologna.

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