It’s fitting that it was pouring rain yesterday afternoon in Milford. Because the memories of many kids in the ’80s and ’90s were washed away as Smiles Entertainment Center was being torn down.

Better known during it’s glory days as Milford Amusement Center, kids from New Haven and Fairfield Counties would go and have birthday parties and squander money. Sure, you could play mini-golf and lazer tag and play in the pool hall room, plus the batting cages (where they would have have America’s lamest haunted house during Halloween) – but whatever, because it was the arcade that you went for.

That arcade was awesome. They had everything – not just Street Fighter. Plus, they were like the only place that had that “Superman” arcade game where you had two players that were both Superman – one red, one blue – it never made any sense, but they had it.

In later years, they changed names and tried to make a final run of it, but around 2011, it was all over. They were selling the old equipment for the past few years because kids just don’t need arcades anymore – there’s really no point with consoles and smart phones.

Amazingly, the website is still up and running, although there’s not much there. It looks like it’s going to become a strip mall, but the memories of the fun (and the fights – oh man, were there ever fights there) will remain.

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