For anyone saying nor’easters in March simply don’t happen… you really need you to open your eyes and read a history book.  Sure, winter was tame this year and it lulled us into a false sense of security.  And, for a moment, Mother Nature gave us an extremely early week-long preview of spring!

Heck, even the tulips came up and the black bears started waking up.

But, we all forgot an extremely important thing.  It’s STILL winter!  And, also, sloppy winter weather tends to happen in March.

According to, the state historically averages about 10 inches during the month.  CT also experience a fair share of powerful March nor’easters.

The worst blizzard on record is the Blizzard of 1888 (dubbed “The Great White Hurricane.)  Back then, it punished the state with over 40 inches of snow.  Some towns reported over 50 inches and snowdrifts as high as 30 feet!  And, yes, it happened in March.  Actually, it happened around this particular time.

Okay, but that was over 100 years ago.  Obviously, weather patterns changed and global warming became a thing, right?  Wrong.

The Blizzard of 1956 dropped about 22 inches all over the state between March 18th through the 20th.  That also helped bump that month up to the snowiest March in history, too.

However, the Nor’easter of 1960, which yielded between 10 to 20 inches of snow, was a “category 4” storm.  Which means the weather we see outside is a lot friendlier than what happened over 50 years ago.  It struck CT on March 4th.

Two years later, between March 6th-8th was the Ash Wednesday Storm of 1962.  One of the deadliest nor’easters on record, too.  It killed 40 people and injured over 1,000.  However, when it arrived in CT, it tore up a ton of trees and battered the shoreline with its powerful winds.

But, in 1993, Connecticut went back to snow when the “Storm of the Century” dumped between 8 to 21 inches on the state.  Again, it happened right around this time, on March 12th.

So, it looks like we’re overdue for something.  And, I think Mother Nature is really giving us some licks by crushing us with three subsequent nor’easters!  The rainy and windy one on Friday, today’s snow monster, and Monday’s… something.

No one really knows what that one will do.  We’re kinda busy trying to figure out what this storm will do to us this evening.

Will one  come after that?  Probably.  We were overdue for some tragic March weather so it better be now rather than later.

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