Norwalk Community College has been named the best online two-year college in Connecticut. This ranking makes NCC perfect for anybody who loves learning in pajamas!

According to The Hour, NCC has been named number one out of the other 12 state community colleges on the list. did the ranking. is a directory of all of the online college programs. This site is a resource for prospective college students who need help deciding on the right college. Affordable Colleges Online help students compare programs to find the best one for their needs. The site could also help those students who hate pants, but still, want to pursue higher education.

More information on Norwalk Community College and their online program ranking can be found on Affordable Colleges Online under the “Best Online Colleges in Connecticut” section.

NCC offers both online and hybrid online courses. Both options offer online tests, assignments, and communication. However, the hybrid courses are partially on campus with in-person lectures and classes. Norwalk Community College gives every student many options and flexibility. No wonder, it was named the best online two-year college!

Congratulations to Norwalk Community College for its top ranking! And congratulations to all of the students who are getting their degrees while eating fruity pebbles and wearing onesies on the couch. It is safe to say you are the envy of every one of your 8am-class-having peers.

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