When you log onto Facebook, guaranteed the first thing you see is bad news.

You know, you read about someone going off on Trump or that they’re having the worst day of their life.  Now, with layoffs coming from Governor Malloy, that’ll do wonders to your feed.  Gotta love Facebook’s default “top stories” setting, am I right?

But, then there’s the Norwalk Police Department.  The good guys.  Because, today, they posted something amazing. And it’ll bring a huge smile to your face.

It’s a small act of kindness, but it’s a kindness I’ve been craving to see again.  Sure, humanity’s not doomed.  But, Facebook does like reminding me of all the mistakes it makes.  In abundance.

So, today, I present to you… kittens.

Officer Russell Oullette, a 24-year veteran of the force, rescued three abandoned kittens at a construction site.   They were in danger because of the large vehicles rolling into the area.

So, he scooped them up and brought them to immediate safety.

Check out the adorable photo on Norwalk Police’s official Facebook post.  Good job, Officer Oullette!

Added bonus: according to his wife in the FB comments, they’re adopting the mommy cat.  So, everyone gets a happy ending in this story.  Just what we needed to see on Facebook today.

Sure, it may be just a little cloying, but I’ll take it over anything else I see on my feed today.

Now, if we can get a picture of this tough guy cuddling his new feline friend… now that would be the perfect conclusion of this adorable tale.  Officer Oullette, mind giving CT Boom a hand with that?

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