Every November for the past eight years, Eric Urbanowicz has participated in No Shave November to help bring awareness to men’s health issues. He said that he started doing it to participate in a “cool fad.”

However, as the years went on, Urbanowicz did some research about the month. After he learned more about the meaning behind the month, it then turned into an annual “tradition” for him to raise awareness about men’s health issues..

“I believe that not a whole lot is made of men’s health issues. While that may sound a tad elitist, I mean it in no such way like that,” Urbanowicz said. “Men generally have committed suicide more than women, and since there’s no testicular cancer or prostate cancer month, similar to breast cancer awareness month, it is important to raise some awareness.”

There are two different initiatives during the month of November to raise awareness for men’s health, which are No Shave November and Movember.

According to the website, No Shave November is a “month long journey” where “participants forgo shaving and grooming in order to evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness” by letting their facial hair grow “long and free.” The website then stated that men who participate in it are encouraged to donate whatever money they would spend on grooming supplies to the American Cancer Society.

While No Shave November is about letting facial hair grow free, Movember is about growing a mustache. According to Beardoholic, the Movember movement is to raise awareness in prostate cancer.

Like No Shave November, Movember has a similar premise: don’t touch your facial hair until the last day of November. However, those who go through Movember encourages participants to shave before the month had begun.

The goal of both of Movember, Beardoholic says, is to decrease prostate cancer by 25 percent in the next decade. Together, with No Shave November, it seems like it’s an easy goal.

But with that being said, awareness isn’t the only reason why Urbanowicz does No Shave November. Urbanowicz said that he also does it in honor of his two grandfathers — both of which passed away from cancer.

“I do it in honor of them, which coincidentally, they were the neatest kept men I’ve known,” Urbanowicz said.

Therefore, if you’ve noticed a man in your life that is gone a little hairy, remember this: they are doing it for a worthy cause.

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