Anybody who grew up in Norwalk knows about the Setti Family Christmas display, or as it’s formerly called, Santa Setti’s Christmas Village. For the past 26 years, people have been able to visit the Setti house and experience what true holiday spirit really looks like. As a child, I couldn’t wait until the village was open (well, I still get excited about it despite being in my late twenties). It’s like having a little bit of the North Pole right in my hometown.

I think what really puts the Setti family apart from most other Christmas light presentations is that they really do want to make people happy. It’s not just a facade. For instance, in the beginning of their holiday light adventure, Rick and Joan Setti would dress up as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause and walk around their neighborhood handing out candy. These people are not screwing around when it comes to spreading holiday cheer. And that’s exactly the reason why they were the grand prize winners of the ABC reality show, The Great Christmas Light Fight. The final episode aired last night and they started crying when they were announced as the winners. I would cry too if I won that much money.

You see, the Setti family doesn’t just buy the stuff for their extravagant display. Oh no- these people HAND MADE 400 different figurines for their set up. They also have more than 150,000 lights. Thinking of all that makes me feel relieved they won $50,000 because that is a lot of work to put in every year.

Sadly, Santa Setti’s Christmas Village won’t be around next holiday season.It is just too much work year after year (TOTALLY understandable, I was exhausted after decorating my ONE Christmas tree). So go visit while you can and don’t get too misty eyed while reading the goodbye they posted on Facebook this morning.

Via Setti Facebook page

Via Setti Facebook page

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