The NCAA tournament is underway, and all day yesterday, residents of Connecticut waited in anticipation for 6:55pm, when the UConn Huskies squared off with the Hawks of St. Joseph’s University to stay alive in the tournament. The good news is that UConn was victorious, and will face off with Villanova this Saturday.

The bad news is, since the game was televised on TBS, we were forced to see numerous promos for TBS shows, including “Deal With It” from Howie Mandel. This:

[youtube_sc url=”ajLAeRVW8E4″]

That was approved to promote a show that they want new viewers to watch. Naturally, I have several thoughts…

First, this is apparently the new season of “Deal With It” – a show that I’ve literally never heard of in my entire life prior to yesterday evening.

Second…seriously, how many shows has Howie Mandel had in the past few years? It’s like every two years Hollywood says that this guy is funny enough to warrant all this time, effort, and money that he deserves a new series. It’s incredible – America’s Got Talent, Mobbed, Deal or No Deal, Howie Do It – all of these are shows that he has hosted since just 2009!

Third – oh, it’s hosted by Theo Von! Wow! A nobody that no one has ever heard of is hosting a show no one has ever seen! I can’t wait!

The funny thing is I don’t even hate Howie Mandel. In the 80s he was one of the funniest people on the planet – his standup specials were fantastic, and his appearances on Late Night with David Letterman were incredible. Plus, he was an excellent voiceover talent – Gremlins, Muppet Babies, and the forgotten classic 90s cartoon series Bobby’s World.

But something happened to him at the turn of the Millennium. I guess it’s the germaphobia nonsense, but, seriously…he just needs to stop. And stop interfering with my UConn viewing.

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