The New York Times has done some OUTSTANDING journalism, again! According to them, half of the American population lives about 18 miles away from their mother. But if you live in Connecticut, chances are you are ONLY 8 miles away from your beloved family. Only the South beats us with proximity to mom’s. If you live in that region you are about 6 miles away. People in the mountain region obviously don’t want to give any time to their families. They live the furthest- 44 miles.

So… what does this all mean!? The New York Times claims this all comes down to geography, income and education. People will separate from their families for educational (and career) opportunities. A family that has a higher income can afford child care services and does not have to rely on their mother to babysit (although some DO prefer).

Lastly, Geography. Let’s face it- we’re all sitting on top of each other on the East Coast. If you don’t move that far away from your hometown, you’re probably pretty damn close to your childhood home. And if you’re Italian like a lot of people are in the Tri-State area, your mom is probably living in an apartment under your house (which means awesome food always).

Geography also explains why the mountain region has the highest proximity-it’s sparse as hell out there; oh yea and there’s a huge mountain range called the Rockies. I’m sure those peaks can get in the way sometimes.

Do you still live close to your mom?

via The New York Times

via The New York Times

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