If you haven’t heard the news, the Toyota Oakdale Theater has been issued a cease and desist order by the Town of Wallingford. If you are a music lover of any genre this very much concerns you. The cease and desist came to be after an official noise complaint was made by a Wallingford resident who lives near the music venue.

There are a couple pieces of this issue that puzzle me. First of all, did this resident not know that there was a concert hall located nearby? I used to live near Tweed airport, my family knew about it going in and therefore we had nothing to complain about. Secondly, why is the town taking the side of the complainer? The Oakdale surely pays waaaayyyy more in taxes than that person, plus it’s been around for roughly 60 years without causing a single noise problem until now!! Remember too that the theater not only hosts concerts; but also brings in off Broadway plays and musicals, hosts high school graduations, and various business and career fairs.

Here is a link to one of many news stories about the Oakdale issue. If you agree with me that the Toyota Oakdale Theater is an institution in Southern Connecticut, sign the online petition to save it here.

Some people just need something to complain about, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of us need to suffer.


Story via myrecordjournal.com

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