There’s always a sense of “Oh, that’s cool” and “Oh, that sucks” whenever it is announced that President Barack Obama will be visiting our small state.  I always sigh in anguish because having the free world’s leader here means one thing: Traffic.  Tons and tons of traffic.  It’s no surprise that the Bridgeport metro area ranks sixth in the nation for the terrible traffic- Throw secret service, FBI and a few black Escalades and this Wednesday will be a mess.

He’ll be visiting Central Connecticut State University this Wednesday to discuss raising the minimum wage to $10.10.  Governor Malloy made this announcement yesterday and says that more info will be released closer to Wednesday.  Other political officials from nearby states are expected to attend as well.

So, get ready… traffic will be a nightmare.  But there is something really cool about knowing that the country’s most important person is hanging in New Britain- because not many of us actually want to hang in New Britain.  We’ll name this traffic jam “Traffic-ama”.


Source: WFSB

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