I found myself in a heated debate this week about ketchup.  That’s right, ketchup.  As far as I’m concerned, if you offer hot dogs- You offer ketchup.  Plain and simple.  The overly opinionated (and hairy) man that I was arguing with was convinced that if you are over the age of ten, you can’t put ketchup on a hot dog.

What an idiot.

When is the last time you went to a hot dog stand or restaurant and they didn’t offer ketchup?  Anyone?  Right- never.  Oddly enough, being the ever-persistent beast that he is, he continued to make his argument by citing the “Hot Dog and Sausage Council” which I laughed off… until I saw it was a real thing.  I question their validity based on their “Hot Dog Etiquette”- Here’s what they state via their official video:



Well, this just makes them seem crazy.  I wasn’t convinced.  So it was time to go to the professionals.  We reached out to Eric Hummel from CT’s famous Hummel Bros. hot dogs to have him give us the official word… and it turns out the lunatic who insisted that ketchup was for children… is right.  According to Eric, no one over the age of seven-years-old should put ketchup on a hot dog.  He reasoned that ketchup is made up of sugar which destroys the taste.  He continues that mustard is part of the hot dog making process and that’s what belongs on a hot dog because it’s a natural transition.

So… he was right… and I was wrong.  I’m still going to put ketchup on a hot dog though when I’m in the mood.  I’m a rebel.


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