Thanks to the power of social media, the world would have NEVER believed the size of what these guys caught.

Thanks to the quick thinking of four Connecticut fishermen, a deer will live to see another day.  The men spotted the struggling animal as they were heading back to Madison, about five miles from shore, and couldn’t leave it to die.

So, they did what any rational thinking American would do… tie a rope around its antlers and tow it to safety.   The entire ordeal of driving it to shore at a steady 2mph took about an hour. And probably an extra few cans of beer.

But the heroics didn’t stop once they hit shallow water.  The deer was too tired to swim to shore, so one of the fishermen volunteered to carry it all the way onto the beach.  Disney, please do something about this.

From there, they worked furiously to warm the animal up by draping it in towels, and were soon joined by concerned neighbors who brought blankets and other accoutrements.

Eventually, the young buck recovered and high-tailed it outta there.   It’s obvious he won’t go venturing into the ocean anytime soon.  What the animal was doing in the water, we will never know, so we can only assume he was trying to have some fawn.

So, check out the STAGgering video – it’s pretty neat!

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