This is a joke, right?   We’d like to think that three back-to-back severe winter storms is enough.   However, Mother Nature begs to differ.  Buckle up again, kids, because another nor’easter is on the way.

Darien Daily Voice reports that the first day of spring will also coincide with yet another nor’easter.   So, despite that we all thought we finally repaid our karmic weather debt… Mother Nature still has it out for us.

Forecasters say conditions remain ripe to produce a 4th major storm in less than 3 weeks.

As of right now, this new storm will supposedly travel over the central states before bearing eastbound.  Meteorologists say it’ll affect the mid-Atlantic and New England areas.  They also predict snow, heavy winds, and rain for all.

Here’s what The National Weather Service says about this oncoming monster:

“A large storm is likely to track over the Central states early next week. The latest indications are this storm will turn eastward. That storm or a secondary storm may strengthen along the Atlantic coast by the middle of next week. Depending on the track and strength of that storm, parts of the mid-Atlantic, or New England or both areas may face yet another nor’easter with gusty winds, snow inland and rain or snow at the coast.”

So, enjoy this momentous calm before the storm.  We’ll enjoy dry, semi-sunny, and warm weather in the meantime.  But, before you start thinking spring is finally here… don’t.

It’s a trap.

Mother Nature wants to lull us all into another false sense of security before striking us in the throat next week.  She just loves to torture us.

Luckily, there’s still time for the storm to change paths or become less of a threat. Also, the time of the storm remains tentative so it might not ironically hit on the first day of spring.

Our weather guys should have a better idea on what the storm will do to us later this week.  So no need to panic as of yet.  But, it’s probably a good idea not to put your shovels and snow melt away just yet.

You know New England weather is pretty unpredictable.  Might as well enjoy the ride while we’re still on this mortal coil.

Anyways, do you think this will be the final storm or will Mother Nature throw us another nor’easter in April?

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