You can say police were very FAWN’d of this case.

Okay, I’ll stop now.

We are well aware that nature has a system of checks and balances.  Sometimes cars speed up the process.  By a lot.

On Friday, a motorist noticed a dead deer on the side of the highway, which is something that’s not all that unusual in Connecticut.  However, it was what was standing next to it that caught his attention.   A fawn refusing to leave its mother’s side.

Aww, how sad.  Bambi did do a number on us whenever we think of a deer losing its mother.  Thanks, Disney.

Anyways, like any good nature-loving citizen, the unnamed motorist scooped the fawn up, put it in his car, and dropped it off at the Hartford Police department.

Officers immediately began caring for the baby and named it “Little Buddy.”  As they awaited DEEP to take the fawn off their hands, they obviously started parading their temporary mascot around for a few photo ops.

I bet all the on-duty officers have brand new Facebook profile images.  I mean, how could you resist taking a photo with one of nature’s most adorable animals?  Impossible, I tell you!


See?  Adorable.

An update on the fawn says it’s adapting very well at its new home on a rescue farm.

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