Remember August? It seems so far away now, but those were the days when we were packing in as much summer fun as we could, when the air was still warm, and when things looked like they might finally be turning around for the Yard Goats and their disaster of a stadium.

Back then, Hartford had hired an architecture firm to finish work on the stadium. The team was promising fans there would be baseball for opening day in 2017. It all looked good.

But, as we probably should have learned by now, nothing is as simple or as good as it seems when it comes to the Hartford Yard Goats.

Here in early October, we have a fun little report from NBC Connecticut that tells us the new architecture firm might not be getting to work as soon as it thought. According to the report, the old construction company that allegedly bungled this whole thing is suing the city for firing them without following the agreed upon “dispute resolution channels.”

And do you know what an ongoing lawsuit means? Evidence. Exhibit A? The Yard Goats’ stadium.

The old construction company is asking a judge to prevent any further work on the stadium so that it’s current state can be preserved as evidence in the lawsuit.

If they win, we can all probably say goodbye to baseball in Hartford on opening day 2017. And if there’s not baseball on opening day 2017, we can all probably say goodbye to the Yard Goats, who will almost certainly skip town and try to put this whole fiasco behind them.

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