I feel like I’ve been writing these types of posts more n’ more lately, in which I spotlight some kind of horrifying foodstuff from whatever fast food chain has decided to trot it out to the public.

For example, you might remember such stories as this one from just a few weeks ago, that was all about the “Kuro Burger” from Burger King in Japan.


Well, this time we’ll shift our focus from Japan’s nightmare squid-ink burgers to an artery clogging nightmare from KFC of South Korea.

The ‘Zinger Double Down King’ builds on the success of 2010’s artery clogging Double Down, which was a breadless mess of cheese and bacon sandwiched between two meaty breasts of fried chicken and adding a questionable looking beef patty to the mix, bacon, BBQ sauce, pepper sauce, and some sauce that may or may not be jizz.

Either way, here’s the promotional photo of this thing. Be sure to keep it in mind, for when you get to see what it REALLY looks like in real life.


Now that you’ve seen that, let’s get to some actual photos of the ‘Zinger Double Down King’ thanks to Twitter, and then you decide wether or not you’d ever want to put this thing into your pie hole.


Ok, there’s four VERY distinct things that stand out to me here with the photo of the ‘Zinger Double Down’.

1) First n’ foremost, I’m eye banging the shit out of that chicken right now. It looks so juicy and crispy and fuck yeah get in my mouth. It actually photographs much better than the promotional photo.

2) That bacon isn’t cooked. In fact, that doesn’t look like bacon as much as it does a pigs actual tail. Get away from my crispy, tasty chicken.

3) That sauce is…disturbing.

4) That’s no burger patty, folks. In fact, I’d say that that’s a Jimmy Dean sausage patty. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but don’t tell me you’re selling me a burger, when it doesn’t even look like a burger that contains actual beef.

And, one more…


Again, that chicken really looks perfectly cooked, and I want it inside of me.

But this is also a different photo, from a completely different Twitter user, and that jizz sauce not only continues to look disturbing, but it’s also more prominent. Additionally, that’s still no burger, KFC Korea. I dunno who the hell you’re trying to fool, or what kind of animal that you made that patty from, but that’s most definitely NOT beef.

The verdict?

You keep this monstrosity overseas, as I, for one, would most certainly be opting out thankyouverymuch.

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