If you haven’t been paying attention the last few months, then I’ll fill you in. Hartford is getting a new minor-league baseball team with a brand-spankin’ new stadium.  Oh, and the team’s name? The Yard Goats… wump, wump. Yeah we know it’s, shall we say unique? Keep that in mind with what happens next.

It’s always the same in Connecticut. Something positive is being brought in to boost a struggling city, everything is going fine, and then politics rears it’s ugly head. The newly named Yard Goats were planning to use the funds generated from a 10% tax, that is supposed to go to the State, to instead pay back Hartford for the new ballpark. Hmmmm….

The political money shuffling has started already, and the building isn’t even up yet. North Haven’s State Senator Len Fasano gets credit for finding this money loop, but I don’t know how to feel about creating a separate fund to pay Hartford which I assume would increase the price of tickets. Not that the logic isn’t fair, I’m just not sure how successful this franchise will be if the costs of tickets are rising already. Considering that the Rock Cats couldn’t pay their bills, the Ravens flew the coop and Bridgeport deserves more support than it gets; therefore as a state we are fairly neglectful of our minor league ball clubs. How many people do they think will turn out after the first season? Will it be enough to support this franchise? Obviously the Yard Goats think so, I have my doubts.

Maybe I’m the eternal pessimist. Maybe after getting shafted by Robert Kraft and losing the Whalers I’ve become cold and bitter. Honestly, at times, I just don’t believe that this state can support another professional franchise. Hopefully I’m wrong.

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