Connecticut’s problems with alcohol are well-documented. We drink heavily and in binges. We drink and drive. And even the last holdout dry town caved and let booze in.

The point is, if you know anything about Connecticut, the following story should not surprise you.

Apparently, Connecticut has a law that limits the number of package stores in a town to one for every 2,500 residents. If you think about it, that’s probably enough, and for most towns it would be. But not Wallingford.

No, in Wallingford, they like to push the limits. And so, they have maxed out the number 0f liquor stores they can legally have in town. After their 18th package store opened its doors, no more liquor store permits can legally be issued unless one of the exists shops closes its doors or is sold, according to Wallingford Patch.

I honestly don’t know how to feel about this. On the one hand, this town is clearly going a little overboard if it can support 18 package stores. Or these package stores aren’t making much money. Either Wallingford is a town of drunks or they are home to a lot of failing businesses. Both seem like bad options.

On the other hand, this is damn impressive. I can’t imagine walking into a town, surveying 17 different liquor stores and saying, “Something’s missing here.” But whoever just opened lucky number 18 was bold enough to do it, and the town didn’t see fit to stop a man or woman with such audacity.

So there you go, Wallingford. Drink up, if for no other reason than the fact that you can.

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