Okay, not to brag, but, I’m somewhat of a Broadway expert.  I grew up on Broadway musicals to the point I can live and breathe them.  My childhood was spent watching them on VHS, whenever they came to local theaters, to seeing them play out in the Big Apple.

So, I am definitely the right person to tell you all about why you should be excited about The Broadway Series coming to Foxwoods Resort Casino.

Blame my mom for this condition because she’s the one who fostered my love of musicals.  We’d made the pilgrimage to New York City the day after Christmas every year to see a musical of her choice.   Personally, her favorite musicals involved tons of singing and dancing.  You know, the musicals that essentially capture the Old Broadway spirit.

And she loves 42nd Street.  It has everything.   Catchy songs, the thunder of a hundred tap shoes, sharp-tongued humor, and one heck of a passionate kiss toward the end.  In short: 42nd Street IS Broadway personified.

Ironically, 42nd Street happens to be the only musical (to date) that kept my dad awake through the entire thing.  (If you need an illustration: he fell asleep watching Chicago and Wicked.  I KNOW, right??)  I mean, my dad’s favorite part of any musical is the intermission.  Even the musicals that I starred in as a lovely background character.   What can I say?  The man loves stocking up on snacks.

But, the magic of 42nd Street captivated even him.  Even now, I’ll sometimes catch him humming “Lullaby of Broadway” while his hands are busy working on a model airplane or something.   Considering we last saw the musical in 2001-2002, easily, it shows just how 42nd Street stuck with him.

So, you can imagine both my mom and dad’s excitement when I told them that 42nd Street is coming to Foxwoods Resort Casino.   It’s been over 15 years since they saw Peggy Sawyer sing and dance her way into Julian Marsh’s heart, the bright lights flooding over the stage, and hundreds of tap dancers moving as one unstoppable force.

Obviously, they both want to experience the excitement all over again.  So do I.

It’s an electrifying musical that makes you want to jump out of your seat and dance along.  It cannot contain its boundless energy.   There’s a reason why this musical won a Tony in the first year of its revival.    It’s just that intoxicatingly charming and fun.

Also,  you’ll love the songs.  You won’t be able to stop yourself from singing along to the likes of “Shuffle off to Buffalo,” “We’re in the Money,” and the most recently added, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” long after the lights go off.

Wait, a Green Day song?  Well, yeah. 42nd Street is technically a jukebox musical, which underwent a major 2017 overhaul.  So you’re basically seeing a total re-imagining of one of Broadway’s most successful musicals to date.   It marries old and new Broadway effortlessly, so anyone of any age can enjoy.

So, reserve your tickets and make plans for the ultimate date night or girls night out.  Foxwoods Resort Casino offers a sprawling list of fun restaurants where you can grab a bite before or after the show.  Plus, if you want to make it a weekend getaway, they do offer killer hotel packages, too.

Foxwoods welcomes The Broadway Series all summer long, starting off with one of my all-time favorite musicals.  You can see 42nd Street between May 13th and the 18th.  Buy tickets HERE.  Also, if you buy tickets to another show, you get to enjoy a swanky 25% discount.  Just throwing that out there.

So come and meet those dancing feet.   On the avenue I’m taking you to…

42nd Street.


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