Summer travel is so bittersweet. On the one hand, it’s a chance to get away from work and enjoy the beautiful weather that the summer season often brings. On the other hand, everyone else on planet Earth seems to be traveling at the exact same time you are, so that by the time you’re out of the airport at the end of your trip, you feel like you need another trip.

But, if Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal gets his way, your travel headache might require one less Advil this summer. According to WKBN, he’s proposed that all airlines operating in the United States suspend their checked baggage fees, at least for the summer.

Take a moment to get the “All Hail Blumenthal” chants out of your system, and then join me in the hypothetical world where he gets his way.

No longer do you have to go through the crazy pre-travel process of packing and unpacking different bags to determine weights¬†and figure out whether you’ll be hit with extra baggage fees at the airport. No longer will you have to drop to your knees in the security line, unpacking 3 outfits and wearing them all at once so that your carry-on bag fits in the metal contraption that says your bag is an acceptable size. And no longer will you have to endure the laser death stares of fellow passengers as you try to contort your back into an overhead bin.

This is not to say that summer travel will be a breeze. You will still have to endure screaming children off from school, long lines at your favorite airport food court stop, and weird people standing (and breathing) very close to you at baggage claim. But damn if I wouldn’t take the chance to check a bag without going broke.

So here’s to Blumenthal, here’s to free checked bags, and here’s to a summer of (relatively) stress-free travel!

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