Beer nerds, rejoice!

Connecticut already has a rich beer scene, but it’s about to get a little richer as one of Massachusetts’ best breweries looks to start a unique project on our side of the border.

According to The Day, Trillium Brewing owner JC Tetreault was at a North StoningtonĀ Planning and Zoning Commission meeting last week to discuss building an “estate brewery” on a farm property in the Connecticut town.

Now, if you don’t know what an estate brewery is, don’t worry. Five minutes ago, I didn’t either. But for Tetreault, the project would be multi-purpose to the extreme. It would be a brewery, a farm (the beer brewed there would be made only with ingredients grown there), a possible weekend home for his family, and a wedding space available for rent, the report said.

For those of us with a lot of Connecticut beer pride, this might feel a little weird. On the one hand, Trillium is known for making great beer and there’s no reason to think this would be any different. On the other hand, why couldn’t one of Connecticut’s big breweries pull this off?

I don’t know the answer to the latter, but I do know that the former matters. Trillium makes delicious beer, and if they start making it in Connecticut, it only adds to our state’s reputation as a hub for the craft scene in New England.

So if this project goes forward, I, for one, will welcome Trillium with open arms and an empty mug, stretched aggressively toward the nearest tap at their new estate brewery.

(via Boston Magazine)

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