There’s only three reasons why Connecticut ever gets national attention: The UCONN Huskies, pizza, or dopey residents. I know it’s sad, but it’s true. The latest example comes from good ol’ New Haven, as if the city doesn’t get a bad rap as it is.

Two of the Elm City’s brilliant residents witnessed a dumpster fire. A normal person would stay clear of a dangerous and out of control blaze, especially if firefighters are on the scene trying to do their job. Not these two, however, they decided it was time for a social media vid! The orange glow makes the lighting perfect, right?

To their credit it has gone viral, hence putting CT in the national spotlight for another 15 minutes. But it’s not because they shot a video in front of a dumpster fire. It’s gotten over one million views because the firefighters on scene decided to spray these two idiots with water! The only thing that would make this story better would be to find out that the two video makers are Yale Students. Only the best and brightest reside in our state, and now there’s proof on tape. Thanks for helping CT get some well deserved national recognition…

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