Okay, if you’re a creative person who loves food and money, I have excellent news for you.   So, Oreo rolled out this amazing new contest that puts the choice of flavor into your hot little hands.

By that, I mean, Oreo wants you to come up with its next flavor.  Trust me, you’ll want to enter this one because of the prize money.

Oreo unveiled its new contest called the #MyOREOCreation challenge.   Basically, it’s a spin on the Lay’s Do Us a Flavor challenge, but with a better cash prize.

So, use that big beautiful brain of yours to conjure up a tasty new flavor.

Just be sure you create a flavor worthy of gracing America’s favorite cookie.

But you need to hit that idea board FAST because you have only until July 14th to get your submission in.   It’s pretty easy to enter, though.

If you’re on social media, you’re good to go.  You don’t need to edit a promotional video, spend hours designing a bag on a website, or fire up the Photoshop.  All you really need is Twitter and Instagram.  And, hey, if you don’t have either, your phone suffices.  If you want to be a little fancy, sure, you can use an illustrative picture.

One that you actually hold the rights to, though.  Oreo says you can’t use any copy written images in your submission.  You know, every contest comes with its very own Terms and Conditions.

You should probably read those over before getting to work.  Just a thought.

So, after you create your perfect Oreo flavor, use #MyOREOCreation and #Contest in your post describing what it is.  You can use Instagram and Twitter to post about it.  Or, you can comment on one of Oreo’s official posts on any of their social media accounts (including Facebook) to get yourself entered.

Or, as I mentioned earlier, you can text your ideas to 59526.

However, you can only enter once per a day.  So, make it count.

Trust me, you want to win this one.  Not only will you score the $500,000 cash prize, you’ll also become an Oreo VIP, which means you get exclusive access to promotional events.  AND, you get to taste prototypes before they hit the shelves.

And if you don’t win, being a runner up ain’t all that bad, either.  Three runner-ups will score $25,000 each and they will get to see their creations hit the shelves.

So, what’s holding you back?  Go crazy, bro!  Have fun and, just maybe, you’ll get rich doing it.

If you need an example, here’s what I came up with.  Not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of it.  Because it means getting to eat wedding cake whenever you wanted to.




Also, here’s a few more examples to help you get started.  Remember: no stealing!    Good luck!

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