On one hand, April absolutely sucks because it acted more like January than anything else.  Seriously, snow, in MY April?  Also, all that rain and bitter cold temperatures made me wish for warmer weather.  Luckily, our official summer forecast came out today and… well…  WELL…

The Hour reports that we will, indeed, see warmer weather move into the state soon.  The National Weather Service also says this time it’ll stick around for the long haul.

However, that didn’t stop them from roasting April for failing to act like a spring month.  In fact, 18 out of the past 22 days had below-average temperatures.  11 of those days had temperatures 8 degrees below normal, too.

In fact, April’s average temp this month was 40.6 degrees, which is 5.7 degrees below normal.  The shoreline saw temps 4.7 degrees below normal.  Meanwhile, Sikorsky Airport says temps averaged 4.3 degrees below normal.

Also, we did see snow at the start of the month which, thankfully, melted in the same day.  However, that doesn’t excuse the fact that we still have to wear winter coats into work.

But, it looks like it’ll finally change this week.

So, on a brighter note, our summer will have above average temperatures.  The Climate Prediction Center issued its annual summer forecast and found good and bad things in the mix this year.

First off, the good stuff.  This summer will be warmer than average.  In fact, we stand a 70 percent chance of enjoying way warmer than average temperatures this year.  So ladies, yes, break out those sun dresses and flip flops!

But, onto the bad stuff.   The CPC says their summer forecast also found a chance for more rainfall.  As of now, they predict we’ll see slightly above average rainfall during the summer months.

Which, if you think about it, might not be so terrible considering that horrific drought we had two years ago.  But, still, if that rain is anything like the summer of 1999…

Considering the month of April experienced a higher than average amount of rainfall, we might have to deal with a soggy summer.

But, as long as we lose these chilly temps, count me as a happy person because I want to wear my Capri pants, darn it!

What do you think, though?  Will we enjoy a warm and sunny summer or do you think we’ll experience something entirely different?

Either way, kiss those cold windy days goodbye because the NWS says we’ve officially entered into spring mode!   About time!

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