This seems like the behavior one has after a breakup. I know from my own personal relationship failures that the second my break up was official, I instantly grabbed anything that belonged to my significant other that he left or items that reminded me of him and B-lined it over to my nearest pawn shop. Call it tacky…call it mean…

It’s actually sometimes quite lucrative.

I’m not sure if the New Britain Rock Cats are doing this because they are broken-hearted about the franchise moving to Hartford and becoming the Yard Goats or what… But, the team plans on holding a tag sale.

The club will sell televisions, signs, merchandise and game used items (including uniforms), batting practice jerseys, bats and helmets – all for 50% off.

The sale will take place today and tomorrow from Noon to 8pm in the team store in New Britain Stadium,  230 John Karbonic Way, in New Britain.

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