It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Golf season. You’ve hit the range a few times already. Maybe even played a round or two. Now it’s time to find a go-to course in Connecticut. A place you can go out on Saturday, relax, have some fun with your buddies, and still play a quality course. Good news! The Club at Oxford Greens is exactly that.

The culture around golf has changed a lot over the years. Tiger being the most recent shift towards a younger generation of golfers and fans of the game. We now live in a golf era where some of the best players in the world (Rickie, JT, Spieth) are going on spring break to play a shirtless 72 holes barefoot in nothing but bathing suits.

While you may not get THAT casual while on the course at Oxford Greens, you get the idea. We all know that the game of golf is ultimately supposed to be fun. That’s exactly what Josh McKim, Club Manager at Oxford Greens, is trying to create on his beautiful course in Oxford.

I recently played 9 holes with Josh at Oxford Greens. My first time ever on the course. I was blown away by the fantastic conditions. Especially the quality of the greens. Easily some of the best in the state. Each hole has its own unique character and life to it. After all, it is a Mark Mungeam designed championship layout influenced by the classic works of MacDonald and Raynor.

Whether you’re a scratch golfer that wants a nice challenge or you’re just playing 18 with your buddies working towards those post round beers on the patio. This is the spot to do it. There is even a new Tiki Bar set to open mid-summer. Which will be a perfect way to forget about that bet you just lost on the 17th hole. Or to celebrate that crazy hole-in-one your friend sunk on the par 3 16th.

The day no longer has to end after that last putt on 18. At Oxford Greens that’s just when the party is getting started. Their 2018 menu is stacked with great food including the new T-REX Triple Burger! Don’t believe me that they like to have fun? Just watch this amazing video from when they announced the new menu with the addition of the T-REX…

Get excited. You found your favorite course for 2018. The Club at Oxford Greens. Now just book a tee time and hit it hard.

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