There isn’t much more satisfying than getting home from a long day at work to find a package waiting for you on your doorstep. That item you ordered weeks, days, or hours ago (thanks Amazon Prime!) is now on your property; ready for you to tear it open and revel in its contents. But what about those times when your package isn’t there? You got the notifications that it was delivered and you somehow made it through work without leaving early just to get to your precious and it isn’t there? Did the driver mess up? Did it blow away? Or did some scumbag piece of garbage steal it? If you are in Bristol there is a chance it is the latter.

Watch as a brazen twosome lifts not just one but TWO packages from some poor guy’s property.

Now, I am not one for witch hunts but this seems pretty much cut and dry. The homeowner reported the theft to police and gave them the video footage. The car is obviously a Mazda 3 and the female who grabbed the packages seems to be either out of shape or a smoker based on the grunt she lets loose at the 1:00 mark. I mean, how heavy can that little box be?

I can’t explain why this grinds my gears. Aside from the obvious fact that they are stealing something that doesn’t belong to them. Maybe it is because I recall fond memories of checking my mailbox everyday as a kid, waiting for the arrival of Boba Fett!

Or Hooded Cobra Commander.

Or The Emperor

Or the silly Manta!

I waited for these items to arrive the minute I put my proof-of-purchase cards in the mail and if some no-good, lowlife grabbed them while I was sitting in school you can bet I would have thrown a huge tantrum and wished I had surveillance cameras like this guy so I could hunt down the perpetrators.

If you happen to recognize this dumb duo please call Bristol police at 860-584-3000.

Via The Bristol Press

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