It’s been about a week since CT Boom launched it’s Hottest Women on Connecticut Radio 2016 post and started tallying votes. And with 6 days of voting under our belts, we’re prepared to declare a winner and crown our Hottest Radio Woman of 2016!

Congratulations to Pam from Chaz & AJ! She takes the crown!

Pam handles traffic for the show as well as contributing to their on-air content. She has developed a reputation for loving food and anti-loving hygiene. Oh, and also for missing calls from major political candidates (see below). According to her bio on the Chaz & AJ in the Morning website, she could also put together an entire album of songs she sings to her dog.

Here’s just a sampling of her zany moments with Chaz & AJ:

Take your victory lap, Pam! In between thinking about “food every 1.7 seconds,” you found time to win over all the people who voted for you! Don’t you want to thank them?

Here’s how the voting rounded out for the rest of the Top 10:

  1. Pam from Chaz & AJ
  2. Anna Zap from Anna & Raven
  3. Christine from 96.5 TIC-FM
  4. Amy Grey from Radio 104.1
  5. Rachel Lutzker from The River 105.9
  6. Web Girl Kathleen from Elvis Duran
  7. Emily from Radio 104.1
  8. Danielle Monaro from Elvis Duran
  9. Sisanie from Kiss 95.7
  10. Klonk from 102.9 The Whale

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