Nu metal gets a deserved bad rap. No pun intended. From really 1998 – 2003, it was hard to escape the type of frat boy metal that sometimes featured rapping, often yelling and a huge amount of “oh woe is me” sadness.

The underground eventually took over, thanks to the Strokes and the White Stripes, but the nu metal years were like the hair metal years, but just not as fun. You stay at the bar that plays “Pour Some Sugar on Me”, you leave the one blaring “It’s Been Awhile”.

There is one song though, despite how much I resist and how much I want to scoff at it, that can’t be denied. That song is “Last Resort” from Papa Roach.

Jacoby Shaddix (yup, I knew his name without looking it up) wrote this about a friend dealing with suicide as well as his own personal demons. He said that it was influenced by the Wu Tang Clan and the Fugees ( and credits his local Sacramento radio station for making it a hit.

None of this really matters. What matters is this is a song that has an overpowering opening line that immediately makes you stop what you are doing and, for lack of a better term, rock. Other highlights include great uses of the f word, a bridge that allows you to shout along with “losing my sight, losing my mind, wish somebody would tell me i’m fine” and, the aforementioned, “cut my life into pieces”.

I know none of this cool and I certainly should be writing about Lana Del Rey, but this nu metal gem from the year 2000 for some reason still haunts me. Please also note that 3 million people bought this album. Do you know one of them? I bet you don’t.

Go on. Give it a listen. Tell me I’m wrong.

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