As a father-to-be I am bombarded with advice (solicited for or not) about how to raise my unborn child. Everyone has an opinion on the right way to do it and while you are expecting they are all more than willing to share. Sometimes advice comes from an unexpected, perhaps even unknown source. I don’t know Oscar Chicas but he has taught me a valuable lesson. Don’t take your eyes of your kid ever. And I mean EVER.

Oscar was just arrested and charged for risk on injury to a minor. Why? He left his daughter alone in a running car. Being a toddler she quickly figured out how to put the car into drive and ended up smashing into a few cars parked nearby. She was not hurt. Yet. There has been no word on any discipline she faced when Dad got home. Although, with DCF getting involved I am assuming he is going to let this one slide.


Via WTNH | (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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