Parking in New Haven? There’s an App

Parking in New Haven? There’s an App
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Pretty soon my iPhone will be able to read my mind.  I will just have to think about figuring out what I want for dinner and my phone will sense my need for Chinese take out, call Wild Rice and have them auto deliver an order of Kung Pao Chicken with brown rice.  Until then, I will have to continue to have to download apps to make my life easier.  Here’s one you certainly will need if you like a fun night out in New Haven- an app to help you park while you’re out shopping and dining.

An app called Parkmobile will notify you when the time on your meter is running low and actually give you the option to pay from your smartphone.  No more cursing the police when you return to your car ten minutes late and there’s that heart-stopping parking ticket stuck on your wind shield.  Wanna see what this app does?  Click here.  



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