Yup. Animals always find a way to prove that they’re smarter than we think. A parrot by the name of Rocco, who uses Amazon’s Alexa to order watermelon and strawberries regularly, went on a shopping spree when his owner was away!

He attempted to order, light bulbs, ice cream and a kite. You know, that list honestly isn’t that different than if a toddler got it’s hands on Alexa’s ordering skills.

This is the same parrot that last year, was kicked out of a sanctuary for swearing too much…seriously.

Marion Wischnewski, who works at the sanctuary, adopted Rocco after he was removed for his foul language. She said she has to check her account every day to see what the parrot has done.

 “I have to check the shopping list when I come in from work and cancel all the items he’s ordered,” Wischnewski said.

Along with using the device to order things, Rocco also uses Alexa to listen to music, and reportedly is a big fan of the band Kings of Leon.

Rocco the Parrot for President in 2020.

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