Full disclosure, I grew up 25 minutes south of Boston and spent most of my youth routing for every Boston sports team including the New England Patriots. This means I know more than anyone the madness that comes with being a Patriots fan.

Here in Connecticut we have quite a few Pats fans I have noticed, but with the Jets and Giants playing in the backyard sandbox with us it’s just not the same as being a Pats fan in Massachusetts.

Now with all the DeflateGate drama over the last year Patriots crazy fans are coming out of the woodwork to show their Pats loyalty everywhere you look.

Case in point… this¬†Patriots fan who decided they needed to eat the most important meal of the day with the most important team in their lives.

Giant Patriots travel mug of Dunks and a Patriots logo branded piece of toast. It doesn’t get more New England ‘superfan’ than that.


Patriots fans are the craziest fans. And I love them for it.


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