Norwalk native and parent Chuck Chesler created the site after he wanted to keep tabs on his 13-year-old son’s internet activity and for just $2.99 a month, now you can keep an eye on another person’s (presumably your kid’s) Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter activity.

According to the site:

“Parents today are the first generation responsible for their kid’s online activities. They’re also the busiest generation with limited free time to monitor additional social media sites besides their own.

Many parents have a Facebook account and have friended their children. The reality is that most kids aren’t using Facebook for that exact reason. Social media is constantly evolving and kids are using new services every day. It’s impractical to set up many different accounts just to friend your kids and monitor those sites.

KwickLook was not created to monitor every portion of a child’s computer time. Just a simple quick glance at their social media activity to make sure that you are comfortable with whom your children are interacting with, what they are posting, and what other people are saying.”

FYI stalkers, obsessive girlfriends and crazy parents, you need the username and password to gain access. So keep plugging away until you find the perfect pet/birthday combo to unlock your loved ones secret online life and watch the drama unfold.

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