The scenery while driving on I-84 East in Waterbury has never looked sexier than it has in the last few weeks. Which might be a nice view for some, but for a some others it’s a major problem.

The billboard that is causing all this hysteria is just past exit 25 heading east on 84 in Waterbury. It’s a billboard that was put up by Cheshire Regional Rehab Center to advertise their new all-female wing in the facility.

It features the phrase “Who’s Caring For Your Mom?” along with a shirtless man wearing nothing but a stethoscope around his neck.

Victoria Walker who is the Director of Community Awareness for Traditions Senior Management told NBC Connecticut

“This was really about grabbing attention. The billboard has nothing to do with the caliber of the work that male nurses do. This is really about our residents, our female residents and their choice in who does their care. We wanted to make sure people noticed it.”

Since the billboard went up last week the complaints have started to pour in and spread like wild fire online. Because of course. People are just the worst.

The main thing that has the complainers in a frenzy is that the billboard is degrading to men who work in the nursing profession. Walker stressed to NBC Connecticut that their was no intention to offend anyone with the photo of the shirtless man.

People need to calm down. It’s not like they put up a fully nude man up there. Guys go shirtless in public all the time. Swimming, playing basketball, going for a run outside. It’s fine, who cares.

Also, notice how all the people complaining about it is everyone except for the actual guys who work at the facility. Because I’m sure they could care less. If anything they are into it! I know I would be. “Yup that’s what we all look like here. We are the sexiest of male nurses. We are the best.”

Just like every other nonsense story like this one it’s always all these other assholes who have nothing else to do with their day but complain that have to try and make an issue out of absolutely nothing.

The now infamous ‘Shirtless Man Billboard’ will be up until the end of the month. So if you’re THAT offended by the shirtless, smiling, dashing young man up there… next time you drive by it just pretend you’re at the beach.



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