Well, the Census numbers are in.  And, just like every year, they don’t look that appealing.  In fact, some may call it sad.  Sure, the state added new residents this year.  But nearly all of them moved to Fairfield County.

AKA wannabe New York.

Fairfield Daily Voice reports that the latest Census Bureau claims the state added 499 new residents last year.  However, Fairfield County raked in 730 new residents between July 1, 2016 and July 1, 2017.

Obviously, the numbers don’t really add up.  It just means we lost a heck of a lot more taxpaying residents than initially thought.

Actually, Litchfield, Hartford and New London all lost leaps and bounds of taxpayers this year.

On the bright side, our western neighbors added an astounding 33,075 new residents since 2010.  And, shockingly, Hartford County is the only other county that added new residents in that same span of time.

While Fairfield enjoyed a healthy 3.6 percent population gain, Hartford saw an anemic 0.2 percent growth.

Honestly, no one finds this report all that shocking.  Connecticut exorbitantly raised their taxes since 2010, which explains why 6 out of our 8 counties saw their populations shrink.

Considering that the majority of Fairfield County’s residents are upper class, those people can actually afford our state’s monetary demands.   In fact, 10 Fairfield County zip codes made it onto America’s highest earning zip codes.

So it’s no wonder why that part of the state managed to retain a healthy dose of its current residents.  Also, that place does seem to enjoy a better concentration of things to do when compared to the rest of the state.

Not to mention just how close it is to New York City.   Plus all the decent restaurants, beaches, landscapes… I could go on.  Do you want me to go on?  Because I will go on.

Anyways, this explains why Farifield County continues to be one of America’s most valuable stretches of real estate.  It’s a privilege to live there.  But you need some money to pull it off.

Why do you think CT keeps losing people?  Also, should our lawmakers be ashamed that we only gained 499 residents last year?  Do you even think those numbers are accurate?

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