Subway, who’s headquarters is right here on Connecticut, are the latest victim of unnecessary internet backlash.

Their latest TV commercial is Halloween themed and features a woman telling her coworkers that they need to eat Subway instead of other greasy fattening food chain food in order to stay in shape for all the Halloween costumes. She then proceeds to show a list of women’s costumes like “attractive nurse”, “foxy fullback”, and “sassy teacher”.


So of course since people are the worst, Subway is now getting slammed on the internet with the hashtag #sexistsubway.




Everyone needs to calm down and stop being offended by things like this. Even the mere fact that in a writers meeting somewhere at some point the creative minds at Subway had to make the decision to use “attractive nurse” instead of “sexy nurse” speaks volumes about where we’re at with this type of nonsense.

This was a cute, clever, and well-written ad by Subway. I wouldn’t even say it was made to “get people talking” like some companies do. It’s not even edgy or dirty. Everyone needs to chill out and let funny creative people be funny and creative.


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