I’m not the biggest Family Guy fan in the world, but I could sure appreciate some good Cosplay of Peter Griffin, if there was someone out there wacky (and chubby) enough to pull it off correctly.

Well as it turns out, there’s a guy in Pennsylvania who’s essentially made it his life’s work to become the real-life Peter Griffin (so much so, that THIS is his Facebook handle)
and this past weekend, while at the ComicCon in Allentown, PA the following happened, according to the description in the amazing YouTube clip below:

“At the 2014 Allentown Comic Con there was a cosplay contest judged by celebrity cosplayers Riki Lecotey a.k.a. “Riddle” and Nicole Marie Jean. To keep the crowd entertained while they deliberated, they asked a spot-on Peter Griffin cosplayer to take the mic and he completely KILLED it! Fox should hire this guy to go on tour or something.”

Damn right they should. Or better yet, we should do everything in our power to make sure he shows up at Webster Bank Arena next month for Connecticut’s ComicCon!

Seriously though, watch this guy. He’s friggin’ amazing.


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