Uh oh, a plague took out a good number of Western Connecticut State University students.  Because of that, officials shut the campus down.

NBC Connecticut reports that 100 students fell mysteriously ill on Friday, like bunch of dominoes falling in rapid succession. That’s basically what happened.  So, naturally, that sent alarm bells ringing at the State Department of Health.

Shortly after, University president John B. Clark shut everything down.  No one knew what caused the plague, where it came from, and how to stop it from spreading.

Health officials also petitioned students to go home or stay off campus if they started feeling sick to prevent it from spreading.

During the weekend, the campus scrubbed itself down to hopefully kill the virus.  However, their cleaning crews probably stormed the area looking like people straight out of a sci fi movie.  They cleaned, scrubbed, and sanitized every inch of both campuses.

However, out of an abundance of caution, Western remains closed today.  President Clark said this was a no brainer:

“Additionally, this will give our professional staff an additional day to further consult with state and city health officials to determine next steps.  While the latest data we have about the disease is encouraging, we want to make doubly sure that the university is safe and secure for all before reopening.”

The university will undergo further cleaning today out of an abundance of caution.

It probably was a good idea considering that we finally know what sickened all those students.  Yep, the dreaded norovirus is back.   AKA, a real plague in the ass.  Ha, finger guns.

As it turns out, students said they started falling ill as early as Tuesday of last week and not Friday.  Which means plenty more students might still come down with the illness.

The DPH have yet to pinpoint where the disease first manifested.  However, norovirus remains a volatile and highly contagious disease.  So, until the plague runs its course, the DPH sent this warning to WCSU:

“Students and staff should practice frequent hand washing with soap and water. They should also avoid preparing food for others, working in a day care center, health care facility or food service establishment if having gastrointestinal symptoms – vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, low grade fever – and seek medical attention if those symptoms become severe.”

This also goes for the general public.  Considering a majority of WCSU students are locals, they probably brought that virus with them during their weekend travels.

Which means the Danbury-area residents should also heed the DPH’s warning.  Wash your hands and stock your pantry with the stomach essentials just in case.

Because once that plague hits, forget going to the grocery store for sustenance.  Once it takes you out, you’re out for the long haul.

So, make sure you stock up on plenty of saltines, Gatorade, rice, applesauce, and chicken broth.  Bananas also make a good meal because they’re gentle on the stomach.

Norovirus normally peaks around this time of year, so consider what happened at Western your official warning.

If you catch it, make sure you keep your body hydrated.  Even if you struggle to keep water down, keep sipping like your life depends on it.

Last thing you want is to suffer from the stomach plague AND dehydration.  That’s a surefire way to land your hot little bottom in a gurney at the nearest hospital.

Either way, CT Boom sends our condolences and hand sanitizer to Western.


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