Talk about bad luck.  Plainfield, CT has been rocked TWICE this week with earthquakes.  I’m not sure how a state that very rarely feels any tremors manages to have a town that sustains two quakes in the matter of a few days.  A 3.3 earthquake shook Plainfield at about 6:30a this morning just five days after a separate earthquake rocked the town at a magnitude of 2.2.

Residents called to report that they heard a loud explosion followed by ground shaking.  Nearby towns such as Killingly, Brooklyn, and Sterling could all feel the quake.  Police are urging residents to contact the town’s building inspector if they think their home has any structural damage.

What’s even crazier than two earthquakes in five days? This was the FIFTH earthquake in that area since October.  So, one has to wonder, what exactly is going on in Plainfield that this keeps happening.

Here are three  possible ridiculous reasons:

1.  Zombies.  They’ve selected Plainville as their starting ground and the invasion is in its early stages.






2.  A Deal With the Devil. Someone has promised their soul to the devil if they succeeded in Hollywood.  Now, thanks to Seth McFarlane, the devil will come out of the ground and destroy the state.




3. Governor Malloy.  That’s it.  People love to blame him for everything.




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