Most holiday weekends, we take to this space on CT Boom to warn drivers about drinking and driving because there will inevitably be a police crackdown featuring more cops out on the roads and the occasional DUI checkpoint.

That’s probably all true for this coming July 4th weekend, but rather than warn you (again) about that kind of thing, we thought we’d follow the lead of Connecticut police and try something new.

This 4th of July weekend, we need to warn all of you boaters out there: Don’t drink and boat. Apparently, out on the high seas, driving under the influence is still a crime and this holiday weekend police are focused on stopping guilty parties on Connecticut’s waters.

In an effort that News 12 is¬†hilariously referring to as “Operation Dry Water,” patrols throughout Connecticut’s waters will be stepped up this weekend.

According to The New Haven Register, 26 of Connecticut’s 61 boating-related fatalities over the last decade were tied to alcohol. As a result, there may also be recreational boating checkpoints.

It’s illegal to be operating your boat with a blood-alcohol level of higher than .08, so be careful out there this weekend. We realize that half the joy of boating is being wetter than the lake you’re floating in, but keep it reasonable this weekend so you don’t end up hurting anybody.

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