It sure is great that spring is finally here.  There was absolutely nothing wrong with that eighty degree weather the other day.  However, there is one thing that can make anyone’s love of spring come to a screeching halt.  Potholes.

Lots and lots of potholes.

And they’re everywhere!  Plus, they’re becoming even harder to avoid lately.  It’s like one gets patched up while two more pop up.  So, our state is having a little difficulty keeping up.

Darien Daily Voice says Fairfield County has it worst this year.  Actually, their horrendous roads are some of the worst in the nation!   True story.

TRIP, a national transportation research group, says the Bridgeport-Stamford area ranked 6th overall in the top 25 areas with the poorest roads.

Also, in terms of money, Bridgeport-Stamford was 9th.  Which means residents are coughing up an average of nearly $800 for car repairs.   Well, it’s $787 to be exact.  Still, that’s quite the chunk of change.

Anyways, New Haven was in the middle of the worst roundup by coming in 14th.  Hartford rounded out the list at a whopping 25th place.

Either way, potholes have become a real nuisance and they’re only going to get worse.  It’s because our traffic is now returning to “pre-recession” levels.  Which means we’re gonna see a lot more trucks on the roads in the near future.  Thus, the overall wear and tear on our roads will accelerate.

Eric Gjede, assistant counsel for the Connecticut Business and Industry Association, says Connecticut’s roads need immediate action.

“Connecticut’s highways and roads are a critical economic driver.  Lawmakers attempting to jumpstart the state’s economy must prioritize our roads when investing transportation resources to ensure our people and products get safely to their destinations.”

Other political leaders are saying the same thing.  If you want growth, you need good roads.  Because if people are spending nearly $1,000 bucks to repair their cars because of potholes, they won’t wanna spend much else.  So, in short, growth stagnates.

John P. Condlin, president and CEO of the Stamford Chamber of Commerce, says lawmakers are taking this issue seriously.

“Connecticut’s businesses and residents didn’t need a study or a report to know that our roads are in poor condition- they ride on them every day and feel the pain.  The governor recognizes this and the legislators are beginning to as well, but we face an uphill struggle to get back to where the state needs to be. A strong and long term commitment from our governor and legislators is needed to solve this problem.”

In short, the state doesn’t have the funds to repair those roads.  Thus, pothole season is the worst it’s ever been.  So, the Olympic sport of swerving and dodging those holes is going to go on a little longer than we’d like.

So, keep checking that tire pressure, have a spare tire ready, and drive like a granny.  Because your car kinda depends on it right now.

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