What would you do if you won $700 million dollars?  Start dreaming because the Powerball jackpot officially became the 2nd largest in game, and lottery, history.

NBC Connecticut reports that since no one won Saturday’s highly anticipated drawing, the jackpot swelled to an unbelievable amount.  So, grab your tickets now or miss out forever.

You have until 10:59PM on Wednesday to buy your tickets.  Also, because we have a full day left until the big draw, the jackpot has the potential to get even bigger.

And, should you win the whole shebang as it stands now, you could walk home with a $443.3 million lump sum.

So, if you happen to beat the odds and pick the winning numbers, make sure you sign your ticket ASAP.  And make copies to prove that you are, indeed, the rightful owner.  As an extra precaution, put that winning ticket in a safety deposit box.

But signing it ensures that no one else can cash your ticket.

It also helps to poker-face through the entire ordeal until the cash is safely in your bank account.   But you have about three months to get your stuff in order before you wander down to company headquarters.

And, in that time, you can take steps to protect your identity.  Like, call a lawyer first and then a financial planner, then call up an accountant.  This trifecta of individuals will keep you and your money safe.

Sometimes, you can create a blind trust or LLC and have the lawyer represent you in front of the media, so you can keep your face and name hidden.  Just… don’t name the trust after your real name.

You can even inception-trust your trust by putting a trust within the trust.  Uh… Forbes explains HERE.

Also, once you get your money, your gang of new financial friends can help you resist the urge of binging on new cars and homes.  Which, also, can help reduce suspicion that you’re stinkin’ rich.   It’s best for you to stick your money in a solid account until the rush of winning passes.

Then, you’ll be able to handle your money a little more wisely.  Also, you can dampen the thrill by paying off  all your debts first – so you get a better idea of just how much money you have left to play with.

Like, the first thing I’d settle if I won the lottery is wipe out my student loans and mortgage.

Either way, unless you live to bask in the limelight of coming into a sudden fortune, I’d look into ways where you can protect your identity.  Besides, being a secret millionaire sounds so epic.   Just surprising friends with money, but through the guise of a “mysterious benefactor.”

Plus, I don’t think you want Governor Malloy personally calling you up and addressing you as “buddy!”

Seriously, Connecticut needs a big lottery win.  It’s like New Jersey, Florida, and California get all the fun.  Massachusetts got a big win one time, too.

So, if you believe in taking a chance, pick up a lottery ticket before Wednesday’s drawing.  Who knows, it might just change your life!

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